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Established 2015

10+ locations in west sussex

14+ Professional Coaching Staff

The Tiny tekkers Story

Tiny Tekkers is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of athletes by fostering a love for sports and an active lifestyle among children. Recognising the vital role of physical activity in a child’s growth, Tiny Tekkers has crafted enjoyable programmes aimed at enhancing both fine and gross motor skills. These initiatives are designed to reach as many children as possible across Sussex, ensuring high-quality sports coaching is accessible to all.Your Attractive Heading
Emphasising inclusivity and accessibility, Tiny Tekkers offers a range of classes and clubs, open to all children, regardless of their skill level or experience. Special attention is given to the youngest age groups, where physical development is key. Through engaging, fun-filled activities and games, Tiny Tekkers provides an environment where children can thrive, smile, and gain a head start in their overall well-being and school readiness.

Why Choose Us


Inclusive and Accessible Coaching

We offer a diverse range of classes, welcoming children of all abilities, from 18 months onwards, ensuring everyone can experience elite coaching.


Focus on Holistic Development

Our programmes are designed not just for physical growth, but also to enhance overall well-being, aiding in early childhood development.


Expertise and Passion

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional sports coaching, cultivating both skills and a lasting love for sports in every child.

Exceptional service! This company goes above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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